TLS Configuration and Compliance

Relying Solely on TLS Certificate Management is Risky Business

The Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol is the most important security protocol in the majority of organizations guaranteeing secure communications. However, it is often managed solely to prevent outages, instead of a comprehensive TLS Compliance approach that extends beyond mere certificate renewal to ensuring its providing its maximal security protection.

Why you should care about TLS Compliance

A TLS (Transport Layer Security) compliance tool should review and validate various aspects of the TLS implementation to ensure it meets the required standards and best practices. TLS is the most important and widely deployed security protocol in use today and often misconfigured exposing companies to risk. TLS Management is...

The power of TLS Management with a Control Plane

As a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), your role is pivotal in protecting your organization from evolving cyber threats. One critical aspect of your responsibility is managing Transport Layer Security (TLS) effectively. While TLS itself ensures secure communication, harnessing the power of a TLS management control plane takes your organization’s...