Internet Security breaks by 2030

Posted by: Robert Levine

Internet Security breaks by 2030

Quantum Resistant Cryptographic Algorithms to the rescue

Numerous reports now consistently state that by 2030 advances in quantum computing will be able to break the security underpinning the internet. Some reports have it happening as early as 2025.

The US Govt hasn’t been standing still. NIST has been running a 6 year competition for quantum safe security algorithms with the winners announced July 5th.

Now the next phase of hard work starts. Most Enterprises don’t have any notion of Crypto-Agility let alone structures that enable this upgrade. How quickly can these new algorithms make it into software that customers and enterprises consume? Will there be performance implications requiring large changes into the computing infrastructure? How can enterprises perform the update and know that they are successful?

It will be a fun and challenging few years!